*Cotton Candy Machine – Large* with serving for 70


Can produce 1 Cotton Candy Cone Every 30 Seconds!
Fast Startup Time – Only 2 Minutes Until Machine is Hot!
Cotton Candy Wheeled Cart Makes Moving Unit Around Simple!
Perfect For Parties, Charities, Fundraisers, and Sporting Events!
Stainless Steel Storage Tray Allows You to Store Scoops, Cones, and Sugar

The Candy Cloud Machine boasts a commercial grade, 950-Watt spinner that can easily heat up in 2 minutes and operate continuously. Each cone takes about 30 seconds to make once the spinner has warmed up and the ingredients have been added. The Large Stainless Steel Bowl helps make collecting the Cotton Candy easy and gives everyone the advantage of looking like a Cotton Candy Pro! The Candy Cloud also has a built-in Stainless Steel storage drawer that makes keeping everything together easy. It has more than enough room to store Floss Sugar, spare cones, and anything else.

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